Fabric Laser Cutting
Latest trend in fashion industry has arrived a long way. Many fashion elements are being cut with lasers in which fabric is one of them. Top designers demand for laser cut fabric to achieve most detailed patterns. With laser we can have repeatabe clean cuts with unmatched precision which is very difficult to achieve with conventional methods.


Leather Laser Cutting
Shoe and leather garment industries is now widely using lasers for cutting and engraving due to clean cutting, fast speed and greater design flexibility.
Allwell Technologies has high power water cooled laser machines which can cut up 5 mm thick leather at fast speed.


Acrylic Laser Cutting
Our fine range of Acrylic Laser Cutting Signagesis appreciated by our customers and utilized for a number of applications across the sectors.

ALLWELL laser machine can cut, engrave, etch or mark of plastic and acrylic materials, as well.


Laser Cutting Machine The large format hse system offers the highest level of versatility on the market. These machines are sold as a turnkey package and include the chilling unit, vacuum system, computer, monitor and all software needed to run the machine. Acrylic, foam, wood and metal are just a few of the materials that are commonly cut or engraved on the hse laser system.
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